Al Borgo Ristorante is closing....

It is with one laughing and one crying eye that we would like to inform you that Al Borgo will be opening its doors for the very last time on Sunday the 28th of June.

Many of our customers know that Marco's mum sadly passed away unexpectedly last year, which is why after months of deliberation, we have eventually taken the decision to return to Italy for Marco to be able to take care of the interests he has there now.

We did not anticipate the sale to go through quite as swiftly, but understandably the Buyer would like to open the doors of his new restaurant as quickly as possible to make the most of the summer months.

Our incredibly talented Head Chef `Fabio` will no doubt go on to do other great things in his professional career and we wholeheartedly thank him for the endless passion, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm he has devoted to Al Borgo over the past years.

The six years we spent in Teddington "raising Al Borgo" will always remain special to us, with fond memories of the many wonderful people we had the privilege to call our guests.

We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty over the past six years and for helping us to create the excellent reputation Al Borgo has enjoyed in Teddington and beyond.

All the best,

Marco & Nikola

Family-run Al Borgo is a fine dining Italian, tucked away on Church Road in leafy Teddington. The ambience is warm, intimate and unpretentious and all guests are welcomed with genuine Italian hospitality.

As one of only three Italian restaurants in the London Borough of Richmond, we are incredibly proud to be listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide UK & Ireland 2015.

We are very passionate about the simplicity of the Italian cuisine, which is world renowned for emphasis on the quality of ingredients and the skill of preparing them.

All fish and seafood we buy is delivered fresh and sometimes even still alive. The naturally raised grass fed beef we use is either Scottish or Irish and generally the best you can get anywhere in the UK. Our calf's liver is sourced from Holland, where veal calves are reared to stringent quality controls to ensure a superior taste. All our meat is guaranteed and certified with regards to its origin and quality.

We import the sweetest and tastiest cherry tomatoes from southern Italy. Our Chefs only use Italian eggs to make pasta and desserts, which have a more distinct flavour and dark orange yolks, due to their natural feed of corn, grass and seeds.

As one of the very few Italian restaurants in south west London, we still make all dessertsfresh bread and pasta in-house on a daily basis.

The extensive wine list provides you with a glimpse into the wealth of different grapes and wine regions in Italy and you will find a good selection of Grappa and dessert wines to choose from.

Enjoy "al fresco" dining on our pretty patio during the summer months!

3 Church Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8PF

T: 0208 - 943 4456  E:

Regular Opening Times

Lunch -  Tuesday - Saturday    12pm-2.30pm

              Sunday                     12pm - 3pm

Dinner - Tuesday- Thursday    7pm-10pm

              Friday + Saturday      7pm-10.30pm

Closed Sunday evenings and all day Mondays, except for bookings or 10 or more people.

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